Funeral Prices

A Service for Your Needs

We provide services from budget to more traditional on request to make sure it is right for your family.
We publish our prices below for your information.
If you would prefer a bespoke funeral service with additional options please let us know.


Direct to Crematorium
(No Service)

£1,500 *** - Bradford Crematoriums
  • Leeds Crematoriums £1675***
  • What's included:
  • All our professional services
  • Completion of all necessary paper work for Cremation *
  • Simple Coffin
  • Collection of Deceased**
  • Transportation of deceased to crematorium
  • All necessary disbursements for cremation (Cremation & Doctors fees)

Simple Funeral
(Nab Wood Crematorium only)

£2500 ***
  • What's included:
  • Includes all Direct to Crematorium items
  • Service at Nab Wood
  • Hearse
  • No Cortege, meet at Crematorium
  • Service time 9.30 am only
  • Celebrant fee up to £180
  • Minister, Humanist, Celebrant fee

Basic Funeral

£2,000 *** Bradford Crematoriums
  • Leeds Crematorium £2200***
  • What's included:
  • All from direct cremation
  • Service in our private Chapel only - seating for 40 people (No service available at Crematorium)
  • Celebrant fee up to £180

* All the above must be arranged within office hours (Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 4.30pm) Outside of these times additional charges will apply.

**Outside office hours additional charges will apply.Collection of deceased is within 10 miles.

***Payable in full within 48 hours of funeral taking place

Third Party Costs

Additional 3rd party costs can include:

    • Flowers
    • Humanist, Priest or Officiant's fee
    • Burial or interment fee
    • Gravedigger fees
    • Cremation fees
    • Fees for cremation documents
    • Purchase of a grave/burial plot
    • Memorial headstones

We can provide additional services at a competitive price.

Traditional Funeral

  • Leeds Crematoriums £3005
  • What's Included:
  • All our Professional services
  • Completion of all necessary paper work for Cremation
  • Oak Veneered Coffin
  • Collection of Deceased**
  • Donations Administrated
  • All necessary disbursements for cremation (Cremation & Doctors fees includes £180 towards Celebrant/Vicars fee)
  • Cortege of hearse from Deceased address or other local address
  • This funeral can be tailor made to suit your requirements at additional cost. Options include:
    Limousines £200
    Church Service from an extra £170
    Different coffin
    Notice in local paper from £74